Robot Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery in Amritsar

Recently, the Human world has experienced a drastic change in its medical world where new techniques and technologies are coming and overtaking the conventional treatments at a great velocity.

Doctors with a vision to bring revolution have contributed the most to bring these advancements. Among such privileged people, Dr. Avtar Singh is the one who after the success of Navigation technology, now has brought new technique called Robot-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery.

Its largely visible advantages are the reason for its high recommendation all over the world. Besides providing the relief of no bone loss, it also comes with much less blood loss, faster recovery, and less hospital stay. People can now walk in merely a couple of weeks after the surgery. Many of the countries are in oblivion to this technology. Just some are there using this technique. Fortunately, India is one of those privileged countries who offer 100% accuracy with this tech.

Following its legacy of introducing the advanced treatment procedures, Amandeep Group of Hospitals is the first one to introduce robot assisted knee replacement surgery in North India.

The hoax of using a robot in treatment may not be good was all over the patients. People thought that robots might get faulty while operations and may cause even more damage to the knees.

But such apprehensions have been proven wrong with the success of Robotic Knee Replacements.

With Latest Technological Advancements in Orthopedics, our Certified Surgeons are always there to offer you personalized surgical experience. Shutting down the traditional mechanism, this procedure has taken over the whole knee replacement concept. Here are the Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery.

  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Precision
  • Lower Risk of Complications
  • Exposure Control
  • Improved Knee Mechanics
  • Reduced Knee Pain
  • Quicker Rehabilitation and Recovery
Joint Replacement Surgeo

Dr. Avtar Singh is a renowned Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon having a huge team of Orthopaedics and Joint Surgeons. He and his team has performed more than 1.25 lakh successful surgeries. Visit Amandeep Hospital to explore more about this service. Take a Plunge if you are the seeker. We promise to quench your thirst.

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